Welcome watchers of illusion!

My name is Pete and I’m addicted to lead. I’ve been a wargamer, role-player,boardgamer and general all round fantasy/scifi type for over 20 solar revolutions.

Back in the depths of the late 80s, Milton Bradley released “Heroquest”. I had always been interested in Steve Jacksons’s FightinG fantasy books but it was Heroquest that proved the tipping point into full-blown gamerhood.

Having played mainly Games Workshop games for much of my wargaming life, I became bored and dissilluioned after the realese of 40k 3rd edition and drifted away. I still played RPGs and boardgames and the occasional game of Necromunda.
It was the release of Privateer Press’ “Warmachine” that drew me back in.

Having burned out on that what am I playing now? Well, have a look through these pages and find out!


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